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Steel-Fab is a highly diversified company dedicated to providing job-proven solutions and exceptional manufacturing skills for all industries requiring high quality standards and on-time delivery schedules.

Aluminum Fabrication
Steel-Fab, Inc. has a number of welding certifications backed with experienced craftsmen to handle projects dealing with aluminum.  Major products have been completed for marine, aerospace, and energy industries.

Carbon and Alloy Steel Fabrication
Although there are many sources for carbon steel fabrication, Steel-Fab's craftsmen
coupled with the added support of a paint
shop and complete sandblasting facility can meet all customer requirements.  Additionally, our shearing and forming capacities range
up to 14-feet in length in all alloys.

Hydraulic Mechanical and Electrical

Steel-Fab, Inc. has produced machinery
per customer design since its inception.  Completed
projects include mechanical aerospace tooling and
fixtures, plywood stackers, hydraulic/mechanical
cargo handling systems and pneumatic test branches.

Weld Qualification Procedures:
D1.1     - 1/8 to Unlimited, Carbon & Alloy Steel.
D14.1   - 1/8 to Unlimited , Carbon & Alloy Steel.
D1.2     - 1/8 to ¾, Alloy Aluminum 6061, 5086,
               Mig & Tig.
D1.2     - 1/2 to Unlimited, Alloy Aluminum 6061, 5086,
               Mig & Tig.
D1.6     - 1/8 to ¾, Alloy, Stainless Steel 304, & 316,
               Mig & Tig.
WABO – 1/8 to Unlimited,  Alloy Aluminum 6061,
              5086, Mig & Tig.
WABO – 1/8 to Unlimited, Carbon & Alloy Steel.

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