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Our quality assurance program is based on
our impeccable reputation for high standards. The following accredited certifications and
test procedures are in place.

Our innovative processes reflect our capabilities and strength in the industries we support.

· ISO9001:2008 Certification
· Boeing Gold Level Status
· Boeing Delegated Tooling Quality
· Full Range of Precision Measuring
· All Gauges Certified and Traceable to the
  National Institute of Standards and
  Technology. On-Line Calibration System.

At Steel-Fab we are continually upgrading
business processes and equipment with the
latest technology systems.

With our current software system we are able to
instantly track the status of your job. Essentially,
it provides an accurate management and
reporting tool for jobs, inventory and
purchases—coupled with an added feature of
tracking estimates, scheduling, shipping and
valuable accounting functions.

At Steel-Fab reliability and quality assurance is
job one.

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